So That New ‘Looper’ Trailer? Holy S&%t

So I read on Twitter that Rian Johnson, director, thinks the new footage from his upcoming sci-fi film Looper will spoil the film for you. I promised myself I wouldn’t watch the newest trailer, but as y’all know I’m weak-willed, so I fired it up five minutes ago. Personally, I’m glad I did. And personally, […]

The Sessions AKA John Hawkes Wins an Oscar

You know John Hawkes, even if you think you don’t. He was recently nominated as Best Supporting Actor for his role in Winter’s Bone, and his face has turned up in numerous television shows and films, from Deadwood to Eastbound and Down to From Dusk ’til Dawn to A Perfect Storm. Hawkes has A-list talent, […]

A Legacy of a Trailer

It’s been a few years (5, exactly) since we’ve seen Jason Bourne in action. Half a decade since the action franchise to alter all action franchises (from Batman to Bond) concluded with The Bourne Ultimatum – one of the best third installments of all time. 5 years since director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon […]

Cinema Owners Conspire at CinemaCon to Make Your Theater Going Experience Even More Hellish

In a debate that I can only imagine was one of the dumbest to ever take place at a film convention in the history of film conventions, grown adults discussed whether or not texting and cell-phone usage should be allowed in movie theaters. Last weekend saw the annual CinemaCon (formerly ShoWest), a convention for the […]

Carrie Remakedaptation Finds Its Carrie

Well, it looks like the new fangled adaptation of Stephen King’s 1974 novel Carrie has finally found an actress to play its titular character. According to Deadline, 15 year old Chloe Grace Moretz has been selected by director Kimberly Pierce (Boys Don’t Cry) to play the psychically distraught teen. Moretz is probably best known for […]

Keanu Examines Film Vs. Digital

Yesterday I brought you a crappy trailer for a crappy looking film, Resident Evil: Retripuketion. I’m sorry for that. So, to make up for, today I bring you something that looks much, much more interesting. Until yesterday, I hadn’t heard of this film – called Side By Side – which looks to be an examination […]

The Faith Beyond the Pines

Blue Valentine, director Derek Cianfrance’s ode to crumbling relationships, established the director as someone to keep an eye on (even though the film certainly didn’t set me on fire), and his new film The Place Beyond the Pines is set to hit screens sometime this year. The film stars Hollywood it-men Ryan Gosling and Bradley […]