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Listen Right Now to ‘The Master’ OST

Source: The Film Stage I’m hoping that Paul Thomas Anderson can single-handedly save this dismal year of cinema with his much anticipated “it’s not about Scientology, we swear” film The Master. The out-of-context clips released months ago were opaque yet intriguing, and the trailers have promised a wholly strange and off-kilter experience, along with declaring […]

Last Few Days: Help Jay Fund His Project… Get Rewards.

Hey everyone. We only have until Monday at 11:59pm to raise money for my documentary “8-Bit Warrior.” In exchange for only a little bit of money you can get a whole lot of cool rewards. Please check it out, even if you can only donate a dollar or two. Anyone who donates between now and […]

Help Jay Fund His Documentary, Reap the Awards

If you’ve been listening to the show over the last few months or so you would often hear me asking guests about their experience in crowdfunding. Obviously, I was trying to learn as much as possible from those who did it when the time came for me to start my campaign. Consider my campaign started. […]

The 8 Minute Dragon Tattoo

As I woke up this morning with my throat on fire from whatever viral infection lies within it, I thought to myself “you know, I’d really like Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara to investigate how a Lilliputian sneaked into my gullet during the night and rubbed salt up and down the insides of it.” Sore […]

Aronofsky Finally Wastes His Talent

I had no idea this was even happening, but apparently Darren Aronofsky has directed a music video for “The View”, a terrible song that comes off of the universally despised Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration Lulu. It’s nothing more than rehearsal footage, really, but it was shot by Aronofsky’s Director of Photography Matthew Libatique, so it looks […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Everything Film Show. Don’t eat too much eat everything.

Jay’s Two Films Being Shown at Confetti Fest 7

For those who’ve listened to the podcast within the last week or two will remember us talking about two of my short films that are being shown now at Confetti Fest 7 in Albany, NY. During tonight’s recording I made the decision to post them for you guys and gals in order to check out […]