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The Lone (and Overblown) Ranger Trailer

Hollywood’s first $260 million Western, The Lone Ranger, features Johnny Depp wearing a bird on his head. He also talks in the most stereotypical ‘Injun’ speak this side of John Singing Rock. Depp once said this:

“The whole reason I wanted to play Tonto is to try to [mess] around with the stereotype of the American Indian that has been laid out through history or the history of cinema at the very least.”

I have no idea how playing a racist caricature is “messing around” with Native American stereotypes, unless what we see in the actual film is a performance from Depp so over the top it can be interpreted as nothing other than a scathing critique of every ethnic character Hollywood’s whitewashed over the years. Maybe Depp is onto something and his Tonto will end up being a wild, subversive piece of performance art. Or he just has his head up his own butt. That’s my bet on it.

Anyway, The Lone Ranger stars Armie Hammer (the Winklevi in The Social Network) as the Ranger who acts by himself (at least when his Native American buddy isn’t helping him out), and film’s final box office number will determine if Mr. Hammer as a career ahead of him as a big budget action star or if he’ll be Taylor Kitsched into supporting roles.

The trailer itself sells the film solely on its outrageous budget, and doesn’t even feature the titular character until well over a minute. The Long Ranger definitely looks like it’s been Gore Verbinskied, and only time will tell if it was directed by the Verbinski who helmed Curse of the Black Pearl or At World’s End.

The film opens on July 3, 2013. Check out the trailer below or over at Apple in HD.



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